What motivates the critics of Atzmon? Pt II

Another anti-Zionist activist who’s attacked Gilad Atzmon is Tony Greenstein, one of the founders of the Palestine Solidarity Committee, and a leader of the campaign for the trade union UNISON to boycott Israeli goods. He has also for a long time been a sharp critic of Israel and Zionism.

Yet he is also a critic of Atzmon, and it was his call for an Atzmon article to be removed from Indymedia UK that set off this whole skirmish:

“The article justifies the holocaust by suggesting that it was the victims of the Nazis who brought the catastrophe on themselves because of their unpopularity. This is not merely factually incorrect (Ian Kershaw’s ‘Hitler Myth’ and ‘Popular Dissent and Opinion in the Third Reich’ show this is not so in Germany) but racist.”

“Atzmon himself is very close to a holocaust denial position and has described ‘The Holocaust Wars’ by Paul Eisen, a fulsome tribute to Ernst Zundel, an arden holocaust denier presently in a W German prison, as a ‘great text’. He has and does wax lyrical on international Jewish conspiracies. He has described a number of Jewish anti-Zionists, including myself, in an article the Protocls of the Learned Elders of London, a clear reference to the infamous Czarist forgery.”

Original source.

If Atzmon is simply being attacked to silence his innocent criticism of Israel, as he claims, why do such a large percentage of the attacks come from those who are so openly anti-Zionist and unmistakeably critical of Israel, as Tony Greenstein? Atzmon’s version simply doesn’t make sense.

A long response by Tony Greenstein, followed by a long discussion, took place on Socialist Unity. It’s worth reading the whole article and particularly the comments, which demonstrate a wide leftist opposition to Atzmon.


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