Some bookkeeping

Although I haven’t announced this blog anywhere and only started it a matter of days ago, some readers have discovered it and made some comments. I hadn’t expected that yet. On consideration, I have decided to make the blog closed to comments for now.

I have decided as follows. It is currently not possible to discuss anti-Semitism on the Indymedia UK site; as I have shown in a previous post, such comments are hidden pro forma by Indymedia UK editors. Neither, however, is it possible to discuss the matter on Indymedia UK’s editorial list, “imc-uk-features,” on which the discussion of anti-Semitism is — temporarily, one hopes — banned altogether, if I am reading the archive correctly.

In not taking comments on the topic, therefore, I am simply following Indymedia UK’s own practices. Should their stance change, mine is likely to. Surely Indymedia UK has little room to complain under the circumstances.

I should also make clear that I am not attacking Indymedia per se. A full discussion of Indymedia’s strengths and weaknesses would be an enormous undertaking — “beyond the scope of this course,” as the textbooks have it — so instead let me note that I believe that those strengths do considerably outweigh the weaknesses. Nor am I attacking Indymedia UK per se, since again the strengths considerably outweigh — but do not excuse — the weaknesses. 


One Response to Some bookkeeping

  1. geniza says:

    Now that the decision has been made, I have decided to open this blog for comments.

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