Atzmon’s anti-Semitism, Part VI

Imagine someone wrote a paragraph like this:

“I don’t want to talk about blacks today. Instead, I am going to talk about a purely hypothetical, abstract, imaginary group I’ll call the B-people. The B-people are lazy and shiftless but they all have natural rhythm. The B-people eat lots of watermelon and have squads of nasty little illegitimate babies and rob liquor shops to pay for their drug habits . . . ”

And so on. And imagine that the writer then went on to list a long series of the classic signifiers of the negatively stereotyped black.

Then let’s suppose the writer claimed, “I couldn’t possibly be a racist! This is not by any means a racist post. I specifically say that I am not talking about blacks. I am dealing with abstractions, I am simply engaging in pure ideology. Anyone who accuses me of racism must have an ulterior motive — in fact, they must be racist themselves.”

Would anyone buy that excuse?

And the answer is apparently yes, as long as the target is not blacks but Jews.

Gilad Atzmon on the “J-people.”

Here is Atzmon on the “J-people” doing all those traditional “J-people” things — running the government, owning the media, in charge of the October Revolution:

“For them, it is all about winning, they are set to win, unconditional success is brewed into their spirit both culturally and religiously. But they can never win, by the time they win they get lost. They stop being victims. Occasionally it looks as if they are almost there, you can see them running the show, running American political life, running American show business, running the ‘new middle East’, running the Communist revolution but then, as it appears, something always goes wrong. Suddenly, completely out of the blue, everyone around is standing up against the plot. As it seems, they always win the battles but somehow manage to lose the war, very much like contemporary America. Is it a coincidence? I don’t think so.”

But this transparent rhetorical gimmick allows Atzmon to pour his anti-Semitic heart out in other, creepier, ways as well.

To Atzmon, the “J-people” can’t be loved:

“But then, let me tell you, there is only one thing they can’t cope with, one thing that drives them mad. Something that never settles peacefully in their well protected binary world. It is called love. If you love them you kill them.”

To Atzmon, the “J-people” are “fueled by negation.”

To Atzmon, the “J-people” are driven by a need to be hated, critically wounded psychologically, and lack the power of empathy:

“Don’t you ever forget, they are doing all those horrible things not because they are that horrifying, they just feel an urgent need to remind you that you really hate them. When you meet them in person you learn that they are not that vicious, they are just slightly immature beings due to the fact that they are not very competent in social life, they are born chosen. They live in a segregated mental ghetto. They never learned how to handle human company, they know very little about empathy.”

Atzmon is not — as he likes to claim — working in the realm of “pure ideology,” but in pure racist garbage. Because he dresses that garbage up in pseudo-scholastic terminology, however, there are those (including, unfortunately, at Indymedia UK) who are prepared to give him a free pass.


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