What motivates the critics of Atzmon? Pt IV

Sue Blackwell led the 2005 campaign in the Association of University Teachers to boycott two Israeli universities, saw it overturned, and then worked to try a similar boycott in the new UCU. Visiting Blackwell’s site should leave no doubt about her anti-Zionist credentials.

Yet Sue Blackwell also considers Gilad Atzmon someone who “compromises the Palestinian movement.” She puts Atzmon on the same “nasties” page as the Holocaust deniers David Irving and Paul Eisen, and the anti-Semite “Israel Shamir” (who may or may not be a Holocaust denier too; I haven’t looked).

The page comes with a disclaimer necessitated by a legal threat from Gilad Atzmon: “I believe that some of the individuals and currents within the Palestinian movement compromise it in one way or another. Surprisingly, some of the unsavoury characters named on this page have got upset at being placed in one another’s company here and have sent me litigiously-worded letters. Consequently, they all now have their own pages and it should not be assumed that any of the names below is associated with any of the others unless this is explicitly stated.”

Blackwell has also removed any links to Atzmon’s site.

Here is an excerpt from a Blackwell comment published in Al-Ahram, hardly a Zionist hotbed:

“Hitler was a great fan of the Protocols, and so are those today who think he got a bad press, such as Ernst Zündel who is currently facing trial in Germany for Holocaust denial. Worryingly, some of my correspondents don’t see anything wrong with promoting the writings and websites of people like Zündel or fellow Holocaust deniers David Irving or Paul Eisen. “My enemy’s enemy is my friend” seems to be the reasoning: and so these Asian and Arab activists, with no apparent sense of irony let alone shame, send me links to sites with names like “Stormfront” which preach “White Power”. And because the Holocaust is used as justification for Jewish emigration to Israel, those who detest what Israel represents feel that justification cannot be allowed to stand.”

As noted here, Atzmon is among those promoting the Holocaust-denying writings of Paul Eisen.

Atzmon claims that those anti-Zionists who oppose him are secretly in thrall to their own inner demon, “Jewishness.” That argument is silly when applied to Jewish anti-Zionists, but when applied to non-Jewish anti-Zionists like Sue Blackwell, it’s simply ridiculous.

Blackwell recognizes the damage anti-Semitism can do to the Palestinian solidarity movement, and has decided that Atzmon should have no platform on her site. Indymedia UK should decide the same.


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