What motivates the defenders of Atzmon? Pt II

Here is the US’s leading racist embracing Atzmon:

Atzmon’s incredibly insightful article shows us that extremist Jews seek to use the Holocaust as a narcissistic death and redemption theme that essentially denies an external God (he failed to rescue them) and replaces Him with the Jewish people themselves. The one thing I would add is that the Holocaust religion not only makes Jews a God to themselves, it also seeks to make themselves the new God of the Gentiles. It is an all-powerful God that Gentiles are obliged to worship at the altar of the Holocaust. Gentiles must pronounce their belief in his holy writ (The Holocaust). No one may question or challenge this new God, for whom we must kill, torture and oppress other peoples, and ultimately — even sacrifice ourselves.”

“I urge all readers of http://www.Davidduke.com to use the following link and read the article in its entirety.”

Now, if one thing is certain, it’s that David Duke is a racist lunatic. His embrace of Atzmon could be nothing more than another bizarre bit of insanity on his part. Taken in isolation, it proves nothing and could be dismissed as a curiosity.

But taken in concert with the rest of the examples of Atzmon’s anti-Semitism detailed on this blog, it seems just as likely that David Duke praises Gilad Atzmon because Duke’s anti-Semitism is of a kind with Atzmon’s anti-Semitism, and Duke is simply embracing a fellow racist.

In the recent Indymedia interview, Atzmon says that he does not exercise control over where his stories appear, and that he specifically refuses to ask Duke to take his essays down. What Atzmon does not address, and what his interviewer unsurprisingly fails to challenge him on, is this question: “What is it that David Duke, America’s leading anti-Semite, finds so attractive about your writing?”

To be clear: one doesn’t have to be a racist to defend Gilad Atzmon’s right to speak, just as one doesn’t have to be a Holocaust denier to defend David Irving’s right to speak at Oxford. I have repeatedly stated that I do not believe that any genuine anti-Semites are in the Indymedia UK editorial collective. But David Duke doesn’t just defend Atzmon’s right to speak; he praises highly Atzmon’s take on Jewish issues, and that’s another reason true anti-racists should take pause when it comes to Gilad Atzmon.


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