More from Tony Greenstein

Tony Greenstein has made a comment on another Indymedia site, and he seems quite close to the heart of the matter.

“I have stood back from this debate, as it’s not my personality that is at stake but a principle. Does a network like Indymedia want itself to be polluted by racists and racism? If not then it has to devise a mechanism whereby apologists for racism and anti-semitism can’t block and stifle those who do want to remain true to their principles. The sad fact is that [the editor in question], who I do not know, has got lost along the way and ended up defending a small group of holocaust deniers and their supporters (& Atzmon is definitely a supporter of holocaust deniers, e.g. the infamous Israel Shamir, which is where this all started). And now we have talk of the gas chambers being ‘discredited’. I just hope that the network meeting in February will sort out this stuff.”

That really seems to sum it up. The issue isn’t the battle between Atzmon and Greenstein, or between certain Indymedia UK editors (one of whom applauds “Israel Shamir”‘s “passion for justice”) and “Zionist censorship” (largely from anti-Zionists, but let it pass), but between Indymedia and those who would use Indymedia, against the wishes of most within it, as a platform for racism.


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