And now, the world

26 Oct 2011

I thought it would be worth a quick update in the wake of the release of Atzmon’s book, which looks like it’s just a slightly re-edited rehash of the stuff he put on his site. It was very encouraging to see the degree to which Atzmon’s book was met with almost universal opposition among Zionists and anti-Zionists alike. This fact, of course, blows apart Atzmon’s central defense, that he’s really being attacked only by Zionists — an excuse that was transparently false half a decade ago and has become only more so recently.

That there are a few dead enders, hanging on to the fringe of the fringe, is simply the nature of hate literature.

The other incident that’s worth mentioning is Mayday’s eviction from the global Indymedia network. Mayday, very simple, did a raw power grab, unilaterally claiming shared resources for itself and then trying to hide all traces of public dissent. So if Indymedia UK seems even dumber than ever, more overrun with idiots and conspiracy theories that a five-year-old could find the flaws of, even happier to promote anti-Semitism ever more raw, that is because the nuts finally succeeded in taking over the nuthouse.