Gilad Atzmon: out of the Holocaust Denial Closet

24 Oct 2016

With Indymedia UK now in a permanent zombie state, frozen in perpetual midsummer 2016, there is nothing new to add about the site because there is literally nothing new on the site. But the wedge issue that split Indymedia UK more than any other — the anti-Semitism of Gilad Atzmon, as slavishly defended by the deep-in-denial Roy Bard — continues to develop.

I noted in the previous post that Atzmon is no longer careful to disassociate himself from dyed-in-the-wool Hitler lovers, having done several visits to the racist right-wing “Red Ice Radio,” including one this year packed with unrepentant Hitler fans and anti-Jew loonies … a crowd in which Atzmon felt quite at home.

As part of a visit to the US earlier this month, Gilad Atzmon gave a talk at the Institute for Historical Review, internationally recognized as the most important Holocaust denial organization over the last forty years. Gilad announces his talk on his site but without identifying what the IHR is. The IHR site, which I won’t link to, confirms that the event occured.

Now, there is nothing ambiguous about this. Atzmon voluntarily appeared in a program arranged and hosted by the world’s best-known Holocaust denial organization. He shared the program with Mark Weber, whose career is Holocaust denial, and with racial theorist Kevin MacDonald, another careerist anti-Semite who has the unique distinction of being the only person who voluntarily testified on behalf of the Holocaust denier David Irving in the Lipstadt/Irving trial. DVDs are forthcoming, according to the IHR.

Is there anyone left on earth who still considers Atzmon defensible on the anti-Semitism issue? Yes, sadly, there probably is one. But he no longer has an Indymedia to run.

[Update, March ’17] Atzmon no longer seems to be making any effort to hide his affiliation with the Holocaust denial movement, judging from this report:

Complaints were made following a  clash between the students and anti-Israel musician Gilad Atzmon.

The incident happened at a talk given by Richard Falk, a former UN rapporteur  to the Palestinian territories, at LSE’s central London campus on Monday. The LSE has said it will investigate.

Mr Atzmon, who has described himself as “a self-hating Jew”, was in the audience when he confronted a group of students, telling them that Jews had been “expelled from Germany for misbehaving”, and recommending that they read the work of David Irving, the disgraced historian and Holocaust denier.

Atzmon is scheduled to speak at an alt-right event in Glasgow later this week, one that — if I’ve read the news right — had to be moved from its initial venue (a brewpub) when Atzmon’s anti-Semitism was pointed out to the venue’s managers by members of the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Committee. By that standard, this makes the SPSC “Zionist” in Atzmon’s eyes. Does anyone actually believe that the Scottish PSC is a Zionist front? Atzmon does (and therefore Roy Bard is forced to believe as well).

Recognizing he has no future on the left after The Wandering Who? Atzmon is now trying to reposition himself for the alt-right with an upcoming book, which he subtitles “a post-political manifesto.” Left, right, neo-fascist, who gives a damn, says Atzmon, we’re all brothers under the skin as long as you hate the Jews.

It’s a little boggling to consider that, when I started this blog, there was still at least some portion of the left who took Atzmon seriously. That’s how long ago it was.