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Indymedia UK is not run by a collective of anti-Semites. Why, then, does it allow anti-Semitic posts?

About Indymedia UK

The current Indymedia UK practice of requiring unanimous consensus before hiding a racist post leaves the collective helplessly deadlocked when even a single member cannot see or disputes the racism of a post. The procedural safeguards intended to protect freedom of political expression end up being used to protect racist expression instead. Political speech should be given the benefit of the doubt; expressions of bigotry should not.

Documenting Gilad Atzmon’s anti-Semitism

Gilad Atzmon’s rhetoric combines appeals to classic anti-Semitic imagery with postmodernist pseudo-scholarly obfuscation, wrapped in “leftist” language designed to make the anti-Semitism more palatable to a leftist audience. Peeling back that veil discloses both some very ugly thinking and some rhetorical trickery designed to pre-emptively derail the charge that he is a racist.

Leftists and anti-Zionists condemn Atzmon’s anti-Semitism

It is claimed that Atzmon is being “hunted” by “Zionists” trying to silence his criticism of Israel. On examination, however, it turns out his harshest critics are leading anti-Zionists — all quite vocal critics of Israel — who seek to keep the Palestinian movement free of anti-Semitism.

A pattern of blindness to anti-Semitism

Keeping Indymedia UK free from anti-Semitism requires being able to detect anti-Semitism even when it is coming from the left. Solidarity with the Palestinians does not and should not demand that we blind ourselves to anti-Semitism.

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